The May 2005 premiere of "1984" at the Royal Opera House elicited strong reactions, pro and con, from the press and public.

Whether you are revisiting the production or seeing the piece for the first time via the BBC Four transmission, we invite you to express your views below.

A summary of the results and a cross-section of comments will be posted here shortly. Please check back to see the responses.

Choose the option below that best matches your opinion and use the comment box to include any additional thoughts you may wish to share.

  1. How would you describe your overall impression of the opera?
    1. A possible masterpiece (though must stand the test of time).
    2. Compelling, thoroughly professional
    3. Mediocre
    4. 'Unqualified disaster'

  2. How would you rate the stage production (staging, set/costume design, lighting)?
    1. Ingenious, totally convincing from start to finish
    2. Quite clever, gripping
    3. Unimaginative, rather boring
    4. Incoherent, ugly

  3. How would you characterize the music?
    1. Brilliant, perfectly matched to the story
    2. Evocative, engaging
    3. Competent but uninspiring
    4. Dreadful, lifeless

  4. How would you rate the quality of the performance (singing/acting)?
    1. As good as it gets, superb cast/performances across the board
    2. Generally excellent
    3. About the level of a reputable music school
    4. Poor, amatuerish